Traditional Physical Therapy Services


 ...And a Variety of Other Treatments! 


      Direct Personal Care  


      1 Hour Treatment


      ALL IN HOUSE & dedicated to physical therapy patients, not shared with a gym.     


      Wide Variety of Innovative Equipment   

o       Iontophoresis

o       Electrical Stimulation

o       Ultrasound

o       RST 7000 (only Rex Wellness in Garner possesses one of these besides us)

o       EPS 1000 (Direct current to release trigger points in the muscles.)

o       Treadmill, Eliptical, Recumbent Bike with Pass Through, AirBike

o       Hoist MultiGym


o       In House, 92 degree, Physical Therapy Dedicated Therapeutic Pool with 

     Hydraulic Underwater Treadmill and a Hydraulic Chair Lift.

o       101 degree Therapeutic Whirlpool

o       And New Wave Equipment Being Purchased ALL THE TIME!


      Manual Therapy Specialties Including:            

o       Joint Mobilizations & Manipulations                                   

o       Trigger Point Therapy    

o       Medical Massage Therapy    

o       TMJ (Tempro Mandibular Joint Dysfunction)  


      Pre & Post Natal Care:

o       Low Back Pain / SI Dysfunction

o       Joint Pain

o       Core Muscle Weakness


We have the means to treat virtually any injury.  Please stop by so that we can assess your needs. 

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