Summary of a Good Diet


Your body uses the carbohydrates that you eat for physical activity and therefore the day time is when you want to consume the majority of your carbohydrates.  Foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grain products are full of more complex carbohydrates, not simple, which give you longer lasting energy through the day.  Make note that fruits such as pure fruit juices will say that they contain simple carbohydrates on the label, but these are from fructose, which are good carbohydrates.    What you want to stay away from are the sugars (soda pop, candy, etc.) and starches such as white bread, white pastas, beer, alcohol and so on.  Wheat breads and pastas with plenty of fiber in them are good for you, just don't over do it.  Eat small portions.  You know when you are over doing it.  You don't have to eat all that you order at a restaurant or of what you cooked.  SAVE SOME FOR LATER.  Vegetables and fruits are great for you not only because of the type of carbohydrates that they contain, but also because of the vitamins and nutrients that they possess, so eat as many of these as you like.  The vitamins in fruits and vegetables will enable your body to run more efficiently resulting in more calories being burnt throughout the day resulting in a higher metabolism.   Minimize fat intake when eating the carbohydrates.  If you would like to know more on why, go to the insulin link that explains this in more detail.  

In the evening time, try to stir clear of the carbohydrates.  Remember, carbohydrates are used for physical activity and in the evening and during your sleep, you do not perform much physical activity and will therefore not burn those calories.  Focus more on fat and protein.  That's right, I said, "fat".  Your body needs fat for fat soluble vitamins and other biological processes that take place in your body.  You need to make sure that you eat plenty of the "Good" fat, such as olive oil, salmon, canola oil, peanuts and so on.  These foods have fats in them that are unsaturated and therefore great for the body.  Unsaturated fats are the more liquid textured fats at room temperature.  The other type of fat known as saturated fat is in steaks, hot dogs, cheese and many other fatty foods.   Saturated fat is more of a solid texture at room temperature.  Saturated fats are the fats that cause many of the heart problems seen today.  Saturated fat is the fat that gets blocked up in you veins and arteries.  You can eat saturated fats in the evening time, just make sure you eat the unsaturated as well.  Unsaturated fat acts like Draino and makes sure that the saturated fat keeps moving through your body and does not cause blockage in your veins and arteries.  

Try to limit the amount of food you eat in one sitting.  Try not to deprive yourself from food too long because if you are real hungry when you sit down to eat, you will eat more than you really need to.  Some nutrition books suggest cutting your servings of food in half.   Remember to stay away from the sugar.  Minimize caffeine intake because it will stimulate insulin secretion as well.  A cup of coffee a day is not bad.  Eat the majority of fats at night when you are not eating all the carbohydrates.  Do not eat the carbohydrates later in the evening.  Try not to eat any carbohydrates about 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed.   It has to be a lifestyle and not just a temporary diet, but believe me, once you have made this a pattern and seen the physical and psycological benefits of such a practice, you will want to continue.

Remember all food that you purchase is required to have a nutritional label posted on it so, try to get in the habit of checking those labels.

Treasure your body.  You only have one in life.  Avoid future medical conditions and just feel good about how you are taking care of yourself.  Don't let depression step in the way.  Be strong and make the decision to turn such moments into a feat.  Conquer that depression and do something good for yourself like taking a walk, working out or just reading an encouraging book.  I will guarantee you will feel better about life if you do one of the above rather than eating a load of food that you know is bad for you and realize it after the fact.  This is a battlefield of the mind that is so easy to loose.  You make the decision that you will not fall to such a strong hold and take control of your life.  It starts today. 


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