Frequent Head-Aches & Neck Pain:


Frequent head-aches are commonly due to referral pain patterns associated with muscles in the neck, which can be seen below (Picture Reference MedLine Plus Health Information).   


These muscles may be affected by your day to day posture, work related activities, a previous strain or sprain, jarring or something as severe as whiplash.  Due to the fact that these are postural muscles, they often remain in spasm even after the initial injury has healed.  Particularly in the cases of sprains, strains and/or whiplash.  Through your everyday life, these muscles are constantly re-irritated and therefore resulting in chronic inflammation of the muscle and a viscous cycle of recurring tension headaches.  

How we can Help:

Through a variety of treatment techniques and specialized equipment, we are capable of reducing if not eliminating your chronic pain.  We will teach you how to avoid or deal with the common elements that are causing these dysfunctions.   If you are frustrated with chronic tension headaches/neck pain, understand that there is help and we desire to lead you to a pain free lifestyle.  Based on the evaluation of your pain and tension headaches, we can assist by means of our state of the art traction table, 92 degree pool, exercise, postural education, work site analysis, biofeedback, manual techniques, etc.  Our aquatic physical therapy pool will maintain a temperature of 92 degrees.   The temperature of the pool will relax tense muscles, enabling  you to gain overall muscle balance, improved posture and decrease pain. 


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