Don't be fooled by others that claim to possess aquatic therapy.  

You deserve what we offer, which is true Aquatic Physical Therapy!


Questions to ask when considering a facility for Aquatic Physical Therapy: 

  1. How much experience working in the aquatic environment do the have?

  2. Is it direct care with a licensed therapist?

  3. Is the pool 89-92 degrees as suggested by the Aquatic Therapy & Rehabilitation Institute?

  4. Do they possess a viewing window to scrutinize how the patients are performing?

  5. Are you going to experience a major temperature shock when getting out of the pool causing muscle guarding?

  6. Do they have the accessories to truly offer Aquatic Physical Therapy? 

  7. Is the aquatic environment IN-HOUSE & PATIENT DEDICATED, so that patients have full access or is it limited to 2 days a week, 3 hour time spots?  

  8. Are you even receiving Aquatic Physical Therapy at all? 


Our Aquatic Physical Therapy Offerings!


Some of our competitors' that claim to possess aquatic physical therapy!

Pretty easy to figure out who has true Aquatic Physical Therapy! 


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