Aquatic Physical Therapy Services



     92 Aquatic Physical Therapy Pool, as seen above                           

        Underwater Treadmill, which enables wheel chair individuals to perform walking physical therapy

        Multiple depths to customize the exercise accordingly   

        An abundance of aquatic physical therapy equipment       

        Easy to use lift that enables us to transfer any patient into the pool   




        Psychologically it improves patient morale and confidence by allowing patients to do so much more

        Start Physical Therapy at an earlier time, due to the elimination of weight baring factors,                

resulting in quicker and more effective recovery

             Aquatic PT enables you to perform Physical Therapy that you could not perform in the typical clinic. i.e. many wheel chair dependent and/or arthritic individuals, can walk on our underwater treadmill, stimulating muscles that normally would not be, resulting in recovery that would not be seen in the traditional clinics of today.  (Refer to Note: Below) 

                  Reduces pain by reducing sensitivity to nerve endings                                      

              Promotes muscular relaxation                                                                          

              Increases ease of joint movement                                                                     

                      Reduces muscle spasm and increases muscular strength in cases of excessive  

  weakness by increasing blood supply to the muscles

               Reduces gravitational forces early ambulation                                               

              Increases peripheral circulation                                                                        

              Improves respiratory muscles                                                                           

            Reduces swelling/ edema                                                                                

                  Improves body awareness, balance and proximal trunk stability                        




      Aquatic physical therapy has many benefits for the patient. First off, buoyancy works against gravity, allowing patients to perform functional weight bearing exercises with only a fraction of their total body weight exerting pressure on the joints. For example, A 200 pound man standing in water that is waist depth, only weighs 100 lbs, if the water is chest depth 50 pounds, and if the water is neck depth he weighs 20 lbs. This allows for patients with weight bearing restrictions to begin physical therapy right away, and thus accomplish a more full and rapid recovery.  The range of motion that is feasible due to the pool enables patients to use and strengthen muscles that would have normally not been rehabilitated at such an early state of therapy.  Secondly, water provides resistance via viscosity to the muscles, which is varied by speed of motion and surface area of the submerged body part moving through the water. Hydrostatic pressure, which increases with the depth of the water reduces swelling in the extremities and improves circulation to the core of the body. The warmth of the water is beneficial for the following reasons and more:

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