Wheel Chair and/or Assistive Devices:

If you are someone that uses a wheel chair and/or other assistive devices, our pool is your chance to stimulate the muscles and nerves that can not be stimulated in the traditional physical therapy setting.  Whether you suffer from a neurological disorder (i.e. stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, just to name a few), arthritis or an orthopedic injury, our physical therapy pool will allow you to do what you could never do before.  

Physical Therapy Pool: 

If you are incapable of going down stairs to get into the pool, we can utilize our hydraulic chair lift to take you directly from your wheel chair and into the pool.  Once in the water, due to buoyancy, your body will only experience a portion of it's weight, depending on the depth of water that you are placed in.  Your body will then only have to deal with a small portion of balance, joint pressure and/or any other inhibitors experienced on land.  You will then be capable of performing exercises and stimulating muscles and nerves that normally could not be in a traditional physical therapy setting.  This will enable your body to identify with their incapacities and begin rejuvenating their functions.  In addition, we feature an underwater mechanical treadmill that starts as low as .2 MPH.  Therefore, we can stimulate the nerves and muscles used for walking, in a way that has not been present in the past.  This enables the body to launch a rehabilitative environment for the muscles and nerves being worked.  

Aquatic Evaluation Window:

While you perform your exercises, using our aquatic window, our staff will scrutinize your rehabilitation technique, in order to develop it to the most perfect form.  The different pool depths enable us to progress you, in our pool, as so evaluated.  We will then be able to elevate your level of rehabilitation by maintaining a continual adaptive setting in which your body will adjust. 


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