Proteins (Amino Acids)

Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body.  They are used as energy for cellular splitting and reconstruction.  Amino acids are essential for repairing the body when it is injured and for the growth of tissue such as muscle.  If you eat to much protein, like in the Atkins diet when you eat all the meat, it can be tough on your liver, but this is not something to worry about if you eat an average diet.  Be sure to consume some protein in your diet. 

Main Sources: meats (white meats such as fish and chicken), eggs (egg beaters), milk (skim), beans

 As far as meats are concerned, if you go to eat meat during the day with carbohydrates (minimal fat) then eat the low fat white meats such as grilled chicken and fish.  As for eating the red meats such as steak, pork, and what not, since they are more plenty full in fat, itís fine to eat them, just eat them at night when you are minimizing the carbohydrates.

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