Fats (Lipids)


Fats are needed for carrying fat-soluble vitamins in the body, warmth, and protection of organs.  Fats play a vital role in bone density and other important aspects of bodies. Humans burn fat for energy in turn sparing some of your carbohydrate stores, which will enhance your endurance.  Just donít over do it.  Below I have listed some pointers regarding lipids:


I.                 Polyunsaturated fats are the best for you, but you also need some monounsaturated.  The goal is to stay away from the saturated fats, which cause heart disease and other cardiac problems.

II.               You can be a little more lenient on the fat in the evening since you arenít eating the carbohydrates and therefore donít have as much insulin in your blood. 

 III.              Donít eliminate the fats out of your diet.  Your body needs some fat for fat soluble vitamins and energy.  Eat the right kind of fat and donít  over do it.

 Main Sources: Olive oil, Canola oil, and fish specially Salmon

 It is good to have some fat in your diet.  Eat the fat mainly in the evening time when the carbohydrates are being minimized.  The result is that since you are not eating the carbohydrates, you will not release insulin and therefore you will not pack anything away, such as the fat.  This is the idea that the Atkins diet is based on.  Yet, the Atkins diet states not to eat any carbohydrates.  That is not the proper way of handling the insulin issue because your body needs carbohydrates to burn fat, it is hard on your liver and puts your body into ketosis.  When you don't eat carbohydrates your body will release ketones, which results in the development of ketosis.  This is a build up of acidic ketones in the blood, which can have very negative effects on the body.  You need to eat the carbohydrates during the day because that is when you are burning the majority of your daily physical energy (carbohydrates)  Check the nutrition labels.

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