Example of a Good Diet


A Nutritious Days Diet 

This is just an example and does not show any snacks or anything.  Remember portions are small.  When we are hungry we want a large portion, but do not necessarily need it.  Eat slow and eat until you are full.   This is just something to give you the idea of when to eat what.

 Breakfast (carbohydrates and some protein):  Eggbeaters, 1 Slice of Whole Wheat Toast, Ĺ cup of O.J., or you could have 1 cup of whole grain cereal w/ skim milk.  

 Lunch (carbohydrates and some protein); Grilled chicken sandwich (no real mayonnaise or butter) on whole wheat with plenty of lettuce and tomatoes, side of pasta (spinach or wheat made pasta) with marinara sauce or any of the following:  beans, broccoli, or something of the sort. 

 Dinner (protein, fat including good fat from conola oil, olive oil, salmon or other fish and no carbohydratesMaximize on the good fat); Grilled fish, Pork cooked with olive oil and seasons, steak cooked in a little olive oil with some spices or even corn beef, cup of broccoli, salad with real ranch, and even a little butter on the broccoli ( donít worry, it wonít get packed away because you aren't eating the carbs.) small glass of purified (Britta, Pure..)water to drink


The three most important things to remember are not to eat or drink the carbohydrates at night, say 4 hours before bed time.  Cut the sugar out of your diet (i.e. sucrose, corn syrup, =sugar), eat some of all your food groups each day, especially those fruits and veggies.  Eat the good carbs (complex carbohydrates / FIBER) from beans, whole wheat bread, etc. during the day.


Believe in yourself!


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