Chronic Pain  

The Importance of Oxygen:

Above are just a few of the major chronic disorders that people suffer from on a daily basis.  Oxygen is a vital resource that your body needs for eliminating lactic acid and recuperating from injuries.  Oxygen is also very pertinent for the revival of fatigued muscles, which are chronically worked from your everyday stressful life.  Every day an average adult consumes 3 pounds of food, 3 pounds of water and almost 6 pounds of oxygen. People need about the same amount of oxygen by weight compared to food and water combined! From that 6 pounds of oxygen about 2 pounds gets into the blood for transport to tissue cells.  This oxygen is then used for the recovery of these tissues, along with generation of new tissue.  Oxygen is the most essential substrate for metabolism. We only function by oxidative metabolism and the reason for restoring blood flow to the brain with CPR is to establish an oxygen supply. See: OlesonSP. Brain Res 1986;368:24-29 also, JamesPB CalderIM JRSM 1991;84:493-495. Hypoxia (low oxygen levels in tissue) hinders healing. The sooner that tissue hypoxia is corrected the better the outcome.

How we can help:

Our pool is heated to a temperature of 92 degrees, which is the temperature recommended for these ailments by the Aquatic Therapy & Rehabilitation Institute.  (Note* We possess the only Physical Therapist in the area that are certified by Aquatic Therapy & Rehabillitation Institute.) The higher temperature increases the blood flow to the muscles, increasing the oxygen flow at an equal rate.    In addition to the increase in blood flow, the muscles relax, therefore reducing vasoconstriction within the muscles, so the blood passage ways are open for this life rejuvenating oxygen to replenish you deprived muscles.   While you perform your aquatic physical therapy, your heart is able and motivated to supply the oxygen rich blood to the tissues that are in a conducive state for absorption.  When your muscles and tissues are low in oxygen, a state more commonly known as hypoxia, full rehabilitation is a challenge to achieve.  Increasing the blood flow to theses tissues and therefore increasing the oxygen supply, will enable optimal recovery.  We also furnish a hydrotherapeutic hot-tub that will possess a bit higher temperature.  With the combination of the higher temperature and the massaging jets, your muscles will achieve maximum relaxation, allowing for the oxygen rich blood to penetrate even further into the tissues.  During your rehabilitation we will educate you on your particular diagnosis as well as common elements that lead to these ailments.  These elements include work/home practices, posture, muscle imbalance, skeletal alignment, etc.  We will also educate you about preventative measures in order to maintain a pain free lifestyle.  Don't hold your healing back any longer.  Come stop by our clinic, meet our wonderful staff and take a tour of our unprecedented physical therapy clinic. 

We can't wait to show you physical therapy like never seen before!

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