Carbohydrates  (Fruits, Beans, Whole Grain..)

Carbohydrates are a vital ingredient for your bodyís nervous system as well as an essential source of energy for your daily activities.  Strength and endurance are positively correlated with the amount and quality of carbohydrates that you consume.  Below I have listed some of the dos and doníts as far as carbohydrates are concerned:

 I.                    Carbohydrates, simple (fruits) and complex (beans, whole wheat products, etc.), are to be consumed earlier in the day, but try to stay away from the simple carbohydrates such as sugar, corn syrup, etc.

II.              Vegetables and fruits are the best sources of carbohydrates.  Vegetables are an excellent source of your complex carbohydrates and full of nutrients such as fiber.  The majority of your carbohydrate intake should be of complex carbohydrates. 

 III.                 Fruits are an excellent source for carbohydrates.  These can be eaten in the morning, early afternoon, and even early in the evening.  Fruits are good because they are sweet and taste good, but they do not spike your blood with sugar and therefore do not stimulate insulin secretion. (Note:  Pure fruit juices will say they have simple sugars in them, but they are made of the simple sugar fructose, which is good for you, just make sure it is pure.) 

IV.              Pastas, potatoes and breads (bagels, pretzels, etc.) are some of the best carbohydrates for you.  These carbohydrates are an excellent source of long lasting energy and are excellent energy sources to be consumed in the morning and early afternoon in limited amounts and with minimal fat.  Eat them in very small portions.

 V.            Sugar is a simple carbohydrate and should be avoided as much as possible.  Remember that fructose is a good carbohydrate and does not stimulate insulin secretion like sugar does.  Once again, watch out for the nutrition labels because they will label fructose as a simple sugar, but it is not bad for you.  Just make sure that the fruit juices, fruit cocktail, and other fruit based foods do not have any of the following listed in the ingredients: sucrose, sugar, corn syrup, etc. = Bad carbohydrates.  If it contains any of those ingredients, it is not pure fruit and possesses sugar.

 VI.         Do not eat much fat when having a meal or snack full of carbohydrates.  Aim to consume the fats latter in the evening when you are minimizing the carbohydrates. 

 Main Sources for Carbohydrates:  Very small portions of bagels, pastas, whole grain rice, bread (whole wheat because of the fiber) & as much as you want of  fruits & vegetables 

 Try to reduce the simple carbohydrate (sugar) intake as much as possible.  Check the labels.  Alcohol should be consumed only on special occasions because it is filled with bad carbohydrates.


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