The Main Component Weight Gain, Insulin

(This is the reason for eliminating the sugar from your diet and consuming the complex carbohydrates during the day, when you are using your physical activity.)

I have done a lot of research and experimentation with the responsibilities and acts of insulin.    Insulin is a chemical that is released when your blood is over loaded with glucose, more commonly known as carbohydrates.  The insulin is secreted by the pancreas and goes through the blood packing energies (glucose) away.  The insulin takes the glucose and converts it into lipids (fat).  This fat, which is more of a liquid form, is then injected into adipose tissue or what we all know as fat.  Now that we have the process of your body releasing insulin understood, we can concentrate on how this affects your diet.  Puzzling all the pieces together, I have found that if you can control the insulin release, you can control weight gain.  I will give you a few examples and partially explain what I found.  Once again I am not a nutritionist specialist and therefore these are suggestions not instructions.   I am a very dedicated fitness instructor and an engineer therefore I have used my own experiences (losing 24 lbs in 2 ˝ months), engineering tactics, consultations with dietitians, deductive reasoning, and my own book knowledge, to derive my nutritional guidelines. 

 Example 1:

If you had eaten a big lunch consisting of a salad (low fat dressing), turkey sandwich (no real butter or mayo), and an apple you did great with your diet.  Now, if you then eat a cookie, something with simple sugar in it to satisfy that sweet tooth, then you did a no no.  You see the cookie gets broken down and since the sugar in it is so simple your body breaks it down all at one time.  In turn, you spike your blood with sugar causing your pancreas to release the insulin.  The insulin then comes and packs any fat, protein and carbohydrates away into your fat cells.  This results in your blood sugar being dramatically reduced because you just packed it all a way and therefore you will be hungry in just a short while.  If you didn’t eat the cookie, you wouldn’t have produced all the insulin.  Therefore, your existing energy level in your blood would have stayed at a good level resulting in high quality energy for a good while.  You would therefore not get hungry as soon due to the fact that your body would have the energy that it needs.  You could have just stuck to the apple to fix that sugar tooth.  The apple is sweet due to fructose, but fructose is complex enough that your body doesn’t break it all down at one time.   Therefore, an apple doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar resulting in minimal insulin secretion.


 Example 2:

Now, it is late (couple hours before bed) and you decide to eat.  You remember not to eat the sugar so you don’t release the insulin.  You eat a piece of grilled chicken and a piece of wheat bread.  Wheat bread is about medium on the glycemic table and is an excellent source of energy during the day.  The problem that you have is the fact that the bread is a long strain of glucose.  It is complex enough that you don’t break it down all at one time.  The problem you have is that it will take your body 2 –3 hours to break it down and by that time you will be dreaming of the body you want in your sleep.  This bread slowly gets broken down and the glucose builds up in your blood.  Eventually you have too much blood sugar and your body releases insulin to pack it away while you sleep.  So even though it is excellent source of energy during the day because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar, at night it is not good because in your sleep it will spike that blood sugar releasing the insulin.  That is why you need to eliminate the carbohydrate intake at night.       


* The carbohydrates that you eat are what cause the release of insulin.   You simply have to watch the timing of the complex carbohydrates (eat them early) and stay away from the sugar.  Eat the grains and whole wheat along as well as fruit.  Stay away from the sugar, especially soda.


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