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Ned is a physical therapist who cultivated a passion for working with children at an early age. Before becoming a physical therapist, Ned taught swim lessons to children for 7 years. While obtaining his Doctorate from UNC-Chapel Hill, he actively sought out clinical rotations in pediatric settings and was fortunate to have experience treating pediatric patients in a multitude of settings including outpatient care, home health care, and hospital/inpatient care. During these clinical experiences, Ned worked alongside board certified Pediatric Clinic Specialists through whom he gained an even more robust education regarding pediatric care. As a means to further his education and the care of children, Ned presented his terminal project to a group of teenagers at Hemophilia of North Carolina’s Annual Meeting to encourage children with bleeding disorders to adopt active lifestyles while remaining safe during potentially injurious activities. He also attended a course focused on including parents in the care of their children and enjoys working with the entire family to ensure full benefit and integration of rehabilitation. In addition to purely pediatric settings, Ned has also worked under the mentorship of Sport Certified Specialists in an orthopedic sports rehabilitation setting in which he worked with athletes, from elementary to collegiate levels, to return them to their respective sports after injury. Ned has vast knowledge and experience with pediatric patients with developmental disorders, neurological deficits, and orthopedic or sports conditions and a great passion to help all patients achieve their individual goals.

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  • Clear Water Therapeutic Spa

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Mission Statement: 

   Aquatic/Physical Therapy and Beyond will be dedicated to originating and dominating an all inclusive rehabilitation program designed to permit peoples suffering from neurological, orthopedic, sports and other related injuries, to initiate therapy at an earlier, more essential stage of recovery and continue until the desired level of rehabilitation is met. 


Our Guiding Principals: 

Embrace change. 

Honesty & integrity first.

Promote a positive attitude.

Move fast, never procrastinate.

Be creative, take chances, make mistakes.

Always give your best and be a team player.

Be passionate about what you do or do something else. 

Be loyal to yourself, your family, and your fellow employees.

Understand, embrace, and integrate yourself into the world of physical therapy. 

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